About Table Rock Aviation


Table Rock Aviation is a unique NC flight school based at the Hickory Regional Airport in Hickory, North Carolina. The NC foothills of the Appalachian mountains are the playground for all of our clientele who wish to escape and fly at airports and airspace that are uncrowded, unspoiled, and in some cases uncharted. Our mission is to provide our clients with flight training experiences that produces a sharp stick and rudder pilot capable of making safe aeronautical decisions.

When the FAA needs tailwheel instruction, Table Rock Aviation of Hickory NC, provides them with it!

Brandon NeSmith, owner and operator of Table Rock Aviation LLC, is a seasoned flight instructor with more than three thousand hours in over 40 types of aircraft ranging from the High Performance Pitts Special to the World War II Piper Cub primary trainer.

Now based in Hickory NC, Brandon has significant tailwheel experience and is capable of being insured in the following types of tailwheel aircraft should you need an insurance checkout.

  • Aeronca Champ

  • American Champion 7GCBC, 7GCAA, and 8KCAB series

  • Aviat Husky

  • Cessna Birddog

  • Cessna 180/185

  • CubCrafters Sport Cub and TopCub

  • Luscombe

  • Maule

  • Piper Cub

  • Piper PA-11,12, 18, 20 series

  • Pitts S-2B

  • RV-4, 6, 8 series

  • Stearman PT-17