Getting Started!


Get started on your Sport Pilot or Private Pilot License with SVN Aviation, LLC based at the Foothills Regional Airport in Morganton (KMRN). 

  1. Call SVN Aviation 828-413-7466 or e-mail us and schedule an introductory lesson for $69!
    During this lesson Brandon NeSmith or one of Table Rock Aviation's certified flight instructors will answer any questions you may have about flight training and take you on an introductory flight in a tailwheel or Cessna C-172 Sky Hawk plane. You will even fly the airplane!
  2. Choose the aircraft you wish to train in.
    At Table Rock Aviation of Hickory NC, we offer your choice of flight training in a Cessna C172 airplane or in a tailwheel. No single airplane is the perfect trainer but we recommend that once you choose either the Cessna or tailwheel for your initial training that you stick with that type of airplane until you acquire your license. After acquiring your license you can check out in our rental aircraft too!
  3. Purchase a Sport Pilot or Private Pilot Training Kit at Table Rock Aviation of Hickory NC.
    Sport Pilot and Private Pilot Flight Training Kits can be purchased online at Gleim Courses, just visit to order.
  4. Obtain a Student Pilot License from a Designated Pilot Examiner.
    Your certified flight instructor representing Table Rock Aviation of Hickory NC will take you to the Pilot Examiner and help you fill out all of the paperwork. If you wish to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate, you will need a Student Pilot and Medical Certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner, which requires a 3rd Class Medical Exam. It is not difficult and if you have a medical condition that gives you concern, talk to us. As your flight instructors, we will guide you through the right questions to ask the doctor.
  5. Sit down with your Table Rock Aviation of Hickory NC flight instructor and talk about your training schedule and flying lessons.
    You can fly as often as weather, time, and money permit. We recommend flying in your choice of the Cessna or tailwheel a minimum of twice weekly. Flying lessons less than twice weekly usually increases the time needed to get your pilot's license as it limits the learning curve and requires you to review previous flight lessons. Delaying your flight time may also increase the chance of weather preventing your flight training.