Instrument Pilot License


Brandon NeSmith of Table Rock Aviation, Hickory NC, and his certified flight instructors are available to train Private Pilots for their Instrument Pilot License. The Instrument Pilot License is the next step for Private Pilots who would like to fly in weather that is less than ideal visual flying conditions. The skills attained in instrument flight training will enhance your ability to use your Pilot's license to fly an airplane for transportation and your air travel will be more efficient and safe.


  • Hold at least a Private Pilot License
  • Pass the FAA Written and Practical flight examinations
  • Log a minimum total of 125 hours of flight
  • Log 50 hours PIC Cross Country flight in airplanes
  • Log 40 hours of Actual or Simulated instrument flight experience
  • Log 15 hours of instrument flight training from an authorized flight instructor

Table Rock Aviation of Hickory NC suggests you budget approximately $5000-$7000 for your instrument flight rating lessons. The actual cost will depend upon on how well the student pilot is prepared for the instrument flight lesson and frequency of flying lessons.