Private Pilot License


If you want more privileges than a Sport Pilot or are considering pursuing flying as a career, Table Rock Aviation of Hickory NC recommends a Private Pilot License as your first license. As a Private Pilot, you will have all of the privileges as a Sport Pilot and be able to fly at night, out of the country, with more than one passenger and in aircraft that are larger than light-sport aircraft.

Requirements for Flight Training to obtain Private Pilot's License

  • Be at least 16 years of age to solo as a student pilot, 17 to become a sport pilot
  • Possess a valid US Driver's License
  • Pass a FAA medical exam
  • Pass a written and practical examination
  • Log a minimum of 40 hours of flight time
  • Log a minimum of 20 hours flight instruction and minimum 10 hours solo flight

Most persons will receive a Private Pilot License in 40 to 50 hours of flight time.

Table Rock Aviation of Hickory NC suggests you budget $5500-$7500 to obtain your Private Pilot's License. The actual cost for the flight training will depend on how well the student pilot is prepared for the flight lessons and frequency of flight training.