Tailwheel Endorsement


At Table Rock Aviation of Hickory NC, tailwheel flying is our specialty. How is tailwheel flying different from other aircraft? Three words - rudder, rudder, rudder. Flying a tailwheel airplane is not difficult once you understand that you must be master of the airplane and not allow the airplane to fly itself. Most pilots who are current receive their tailwheel endorsement in 5 to 7 hours.

To acquire your tailwheel endorsement from Table Rock Aviation you must become proficient in:

  • 3 point landings
  • Wheel landings
  • Crosswind landings
  • Forward slips
  • Balked landings/ Go-arounds
  • Groundloop avoidance

As you complete tailwheel endorsement course, Brandon NeSmith or one of Table Rock Aviation's certified flight instructors will continue your training with the Advanced Short/Soft Field flying lessons, which are included as part of your tailwheel endorsement training.